Porsche Ninemeister 9m93RS-R Clubsport


Built by renowned Porsche specialists Ninemeister, this 9m93RS-R Clubsport is the perfect example of vehicle re-engineering; combining motorsport performance with Concours d’Elegance standards into what must be the epitome of the naturally aspirated air-cooled Porsche 911.

The Ninemeister 9m Cars build programme fills in the gaps in between the standard Porsche range, similar to their Special Wishes department by manufacturing the cars that Porsche should have done (but for the intervention of their marketing department?). This 9m93RS-R was the second such car to drive out of the Ninemeister workshop. Based on the much celebrated 993RS, the “m” signifies a 9m built car, the “-R” referring to the use of the Carrera S/Turbo wide body shell further enhanced with the iconic GT2 arches and the “Clubsport” bring home the combination of the factory RS Clubsport spoiler package, Spartan interior and fully integrated roll cage. This stunning 9m93RS-R is definitely one of those missing models that Porsche should have built.

First of all, please understand that this 9m93RS-R is no replica. Coming off the production line as a genuine, black 993RS in RHD, it was first converted to Clubsport specification by the Factory using their last available RHD motorsport body shell. Delivered to the UK, it was one of only seven RHD 993RS Clubsports registered in this country. Previously worked on by Ninemeister, the original RS was used as Porsche intended and well known on the track day scene at the time before the fun came to a temporary and untimely accidental end.
Luck was clearly on its side. Eventually the damaged RS arrived at Ninemeister, shortly followed by a perfect, undamaged 993 Carrera 2S bodyshell. Fate had stepped in and of course, at Ninemeister there could only ever be one conclusion. Twelve months on and one thousand hours later the 9m93RS-R drove out of the 9m workshop.

The most important component in any car is the body shell and the 9m93RS-R is no exception, taking around 600 hours in preparation to take it from metal to paint. The Carrera S shell was fully prepared to exact Porsche Motorsport Clubsport specification, including sunroof delete roof panel, seam welding, chassis reinforcement and of course the fully welded integral Clubsport roll cage. Every detail is factory correct including airbag delete and brackets for the ABS ecu relocation and battery cutout switch. Fabrication done, the 9mRS shell travelled to Surface Processing for a full dip, strip and E-coat process.

Back at Ninemeister, the shell was lavished with even more attention, undergoing a twenty stage preparation and paint process culminating in the faultless Basalt Black finish that remains on the car to this day. Of course at the same time the panels received similar attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit of the carbon Kevlar doors, bonnet and engine lid and the original RS Clubsport Aero package.

Next come the parts. The original RS was stripped to individual components for cleaning, inspection and refinishing. Every nut, bolt, bracket had to be re-plated. All the suspension components were blasted and spray enamelled. The complete wiring harness was unbound to remove surplus wiring and restore to new before re-binding with the correct tape. Door frames and door handles stripped and re-painted. Electrics refurbished. Interior fully re-trimmed in leather and alcantara. Absolutely nothing was left to chance.

Then there is the added 9m Factor – Performance and Handling. Whilst the standard RS suspension is great place to start, this one benefits from a specially commissioned KW Clubsport spring & damper package, 9m 993 stiff axle kit, fully re-bushed RS wishbones & rear links with refurbished RS anti-roll bars. On the corners, braking is taken care of by the already awesome RS brake package with 4 channel ABS as standard, partially hidden behind original Speedline RS wheels, custom resized to 9.5” & 12.5” and shod with 245 & 305 Toyo R888 tyres to fill those huge GT2 arches. This car does not lack grip!

Finally we come to the masterpiece in the back – the 3.82 litre 9m Racing engine – its specification including:
• 9m Motec engine management system with custom wiring harness
• GT3 Crank & pump
• 9m Racing billet rods
• 9m Racing 103mm lightweight race pistons & cylinders
• 9m Racing Billet cylinder heads & valves
• 9m Racing high lift camshaft & DLC coated billet rocker package
• 9m Racing Individual Throttle Body intake with filters
• 9m Racing long tube exhaust headers and silencer system

Producing over 430hp and 465Nm torque on the 9m dyno, the engine drives through a 2 plate Carbonetic clutch and puts power to the wheels through the refreshed original 993RS G50/32 gearbox with 9m Carbonetic 40/65 LSD. Is it any wonder that this power plant can push the 1182kg 9mRS-R around a track as fast as a 997GT3RS?

Best of all, the 9m93RS-R retains the civility and manners of its RS origin, hence whilst clearly track focussed, can also be used on the road when needed.

This car truly has to be seen and experienced to be appreciated.



Exterior Colour:
Basalt Black
Interior Colour:
Engine Capacity:
Engine Configuration:
Flat 6